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Diamond Engagement Rings Rossendale

This is a big moment, its ring time… you are looking for a special gift that means so much – you are looking for an engagement ring to give to your love one and prove the commitment later with marriage and a nice wedding!

How to choose an engagement ring? So, now you have made the decision to purchase this important jewellery what do you do about it? What will they like? Where to buy?

You should also check delivery options if you are purchasing online and maybe look in to insurance for the ring.

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Knowing what they like – Style

This is important, you must get this right and it’s going to be a challenge. All jewellery purchases are personal choices of style and comfort.

There are many ways to approach this, but you must explore the options or face the awkward moment where your loved one doesn’t like what you have purchased.

Ask the friends, ask the key family members (mother?), take a look at the rings they already ware – if in don’t take them all to the shop with you so a professional can give you some advice.

Ask a friend to help you, maybe set it up so they go shopping and the friend can get ideas for you?

There are many types of style to suite your partners preference, weather you partner is a male or female (that right you can buy for your man if you are a lady, you can buy for your man if you are a man and you can buy for your lady if you are a lady – marriage if for everyone!).

Style types to consider when looking for that beautiful engagement ring:

  • Would she like a big ring?
  • A more modern engagement rings
  • Unusual or Alternative Rings?
  • Gothic, Celtic, Edwardian?
  • Art Deco is always a nice touch.

Have a more specialist type?

Disney Engagement Rings are pretty popular at the moment; these are inspired by all her favourite Disney characters over time – such as Aurora or Cinderella.

Band and Metal

When choosing the correct ring it is important to remember the band is the circular element that goes around the finger.  This can be made from many types of metal, and are usually made from gold, palladium, and silver – but again these days there are a multitude of combinations.

Some common types to consider:

Yellow Gold – your standard gold in is natural state, this can be lighter if preferred with a less pure gold.

White Gold – looks silvery, it has been plated with another metal.

Platinum – Look silvery and will dull over time.

Rose Gold – has a nice pink tinge, mixed with other metals.

Silver Rings – these are made of silver as you would expect.

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Where to buy?



Budget – How Much Should You Spend On An Engagement Ring?

“Engagement ring insurance uk” – link to page

rings under 1000

rings under 100

rings under 500

Brand Name/Designer

There a multitude of designers out there specialising in all types of rings for your partner, find out if they have a favourite first – these can be pricey and may set you back a fair bit, but if you can afford it why not!

Here are some examples:

  • Cartier Engagement Rings
  • Vera Wang Engagement Rings
  • Tiffany Engagement Rings

Popping the question


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